Mounting & Finishing

Whether you choose our Digital Output Prints, or you bring in your own photographs, mounting and finishing these beautiful prints is the final touch needed to turn them into beautiful wall decor.

For forty years, Titan Professional Photo Lab has perfected the art of print finishing and mounting. We have photo displays hanging in homes and businesses, around the world.

Prints can be mounted to your choice of Art Board, FoamCore, Gatorfoam, Sintra, Dibond or Acrylic. And to finalize the mounting step, we highly recommend surface lamination. We offer lustre or gloss surface laminates which protect the surface of your prints from harmful ultraviolet rays while also protecting against fingerprints and dirt.

When your project requires mounting and finishing, call us and talk to a mounting expert so you clearly understand your options and you can make the best possible choice of materials.

To see what mounted and laminated photos from Titan Photo look like, check out our youtube video: Titan Mounting Display Video