Helpful Information Page

Below are some common questions that we answer daily, to assist you in deciding if Titan is the photo lab for you.

Question #1 - Does Titan Photo scan rolls of negatives or slides and put them onto a disc?
Answer: We only do high resolution reproduction grade scanning, not consumer level scans normally available at the drug store.

Question #2 - What is mounting and lamination?
Answer: Mounting and lamination provides a way for you to hang your photos onto a wall without the need for framing when rigid mounting materials are used. Check our youtube video for examples: Titan Mounting Display Video

Question #3 - How do I send you files for printing?
Answer: - Just email us at for upload instructions and we'll send you the necessary information to make the process easy.

Question #4 - What is your advice for taking the best possible digital photographs?
Answer - Take pictures with the highest resolution digital camera you can afford, and always shoot at the highest resolution setting available. Also, it isn’t necessary to re-size your files to 300ppi. That step makes the files larger and can degrade the image quality.

Question #5 - What are Giclee prints? Do they match original art?
Answer: Giclee prints are the highest quality art reproduction prints that we are capable of making. We do our very best to match original art, but since our material and the material used in original art are different, the resultant Giclee prints will be slightly different. If the artist is seeking the absolutely closest match possible to the original art, additional computer time can be added to the process and we can come closer to the original. But no reproduction will ever exacty match an original.