Walter_bearArtist: Robert Walter

Giclée Fine Art Printing

Giclée Fine Art Printing is the name given to digital output prints on canvas or art paper. You can find these services all over the internet. But when you're required to have the highest possible reproduction from your art, check out the people who have been making reproduction prints and transparencies for over forty years, Titan Professional Photo Lab.

We use only the finest acid free art papers, canvas and inks available. We capture your original art with lighting techniques perfected by us to retain the maximum beauty and texture of your original. We have knowledge of color, contrast and tonality that few can match.

When you’ve been to other places and you’re still not satisfied, rest assured that Titan can give you the best obtainable reproduction from your art. Are we suggesting that every print we output is always a perfect reproduction of the original art? No, sometimes certain ink colors will not reproduce the same as the original colors used on your art. But we can guarantee you a close reproduction of your original.

To obtain high quality, we show you tests of everything we do so you can interact in the process, and suggest changes to make your final Giclée output as good as it can be. If you have questions about how we achieve the results we do, call us and we will give you the full story.