Adams1Artist: Paul Adams

Digital Services

At Titan Photo we offer high quality prints from your digital files as well as from your negatives, transparencies, photographs and art work. We can also make beautiful high resolution scans from your photographs, negatives, transparencies and art so they can become digital files.

We have a high level computer department where we can work wonders for your digital retouching needs. If you’re an artist, we can make Giclée prints from your negatives, transparencies or original art (see our Giclée Fine Art Printing page).

We can put your images on CDs, pendrives, or upload the files to your computer. We have a wealth of knowledge about digital photography and file preparation for output, so we can assist you in making your digital project a sure success.

In short, you can count on Titan to be in your corner when projects seem unmanageable. Many of our customers are not the most computer savvy people, so we’re always pleased when they choose Titan to be by their side. Download our price list for a full description of what we do. Need more information? Call us during business hours to speak to one of our digital experts.